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Pentecost & Maewo

Off the typical tourist trail, Pentecost is world-renowned (and most-visited) April-June for Naghol. Go beyond Naghol, and you’ll discover an island rich in natural beauty and kastom. Visit neighbouring Maewo, and you'll encounter stunning waterfalls and relaxed village life.

Take the leap into Pentecost & Maewo

Take the leap into Pentecost & Maewo

Pentecost is known around the world for Naghol, a land-diving ritual conducted by the men of the island and open for visitors to see between April and June. There are three key sites where this takes place, and the tour you take will impact which site you visit (though similar rites, each site is slightly different in its setting). It’s what the popular activity of bungee jumping is based on, and brings people to witness it year after year.

Beyond Naghol, Pentecost has much to offer year-round, from cascading waterfalls and rich cultural diversity. You’ll be exposed to the traditional way of life, from kava tastings to experiencing the warm hospitality of locals in village guesthouses that are scattered along the island’s coastline and rugged interior. Day trips to Pentecost to experience the landing diving are available from Port Vila and Santo.

Neighbouring Maewo packs a punch when it comes to natural wonders. With waterfalls, stunning caves and friendly village lifestyle, it'd be remiss to not take the extra step to visit Maewo. 

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What to do in Pentecost & Maewo