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Havannah & Taleva Coast

Head north-west out of Port Vila over the hills, and you’ll find yourself on the Havannah Coast, a secluded strip of coastline sheltered by a string of spectacularly diverse islands. Continue around past Port Havannah, and you'll find yourself on the Taleva Coast. The dual coastlines and its islands have much to offer visitors whether as a side-trip out of Port Vila or for your entire holiday.

Unwind on the Havannah & Taleva Coasts

Unwind on the Havannah & Taleva Coasts

The Havannah & Taleva Coast are quintessential Vanuatu: palm-fringed coastline with blue waters, gorgeous accommodation options and waterfront restaurants. From here, you can jump onto a local banana boat and visit a diverse range of islands.

The coastline has its own microclimate. A rainy day in Port Vila may see no clouds in the sky in this secluded part of Efate. There are also a number of great dining options along the coast, so you sure won't go hungry!

Lelepa and Pele Islands are fabulous daytrips where you can gain insight into local kastom, village life and swim and snorkel off white sand beaches through crystal-clear blue waters where you may spot turtles, dolphins or even dugongs. Nguna, an extinct volcano, requires a little more energy, as you hike to the summit with the reward of amazing views. Moso is just across Havannah Harbour from Port-Havannah and home to properties where you can spend a few nights or use it as a base to dive around the Harbour.

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What to do on the Havannah & Taleva Coast

Where To Stay on Havannah & Taleva Coast