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The President Coolidge is not just an amazing wreck dive but has formed into a huge artificial reef boasting a wide variety of marine life for divers looking for diverse marine species. You will see everything from large pelagic to the smallest of sea creatures.


Allan Power and his dedicated team of 7 experienced dive guides have been guiding divers in and around this majestic wreck for over 35 years and they are well known as being the caretakers of The Coolidge. Their experience and knowledge is second to none. Let them guide you on an adventure of a lifetime through this awesome wreck. With over 20 different dives on the Coolidge ranging from 20m to 60m, our team has a vast amount of experience to cater for all levels of divers.

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Million Dollar Point Espiritu Santo, Luganville, Vanuatu


Allan Power Dive Tours is located in Luganville on the Island of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Santo is a true Pacific paradise with warm tropical waters and world class diving, including one of the best shore accessed wreck dives in the world, the SS President Coolidge.