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When you're travelling, it's one thing to read the guide book, but it's another to get the local word on what's hot and be pointed toward a #vanuatumoment. We've asked Vanuatu locals, some of whom you may meet when you visit, what their hidden spots are throughout Vanuatu. 

Sample the local delicacies

If you're heading off on an adventure around the island of Efate, check out the roadside food stalls where you can find everything from fresh fruit to veggies and local kaikai! - Rae, Eden on the River .

Efate - Mele Cascades


All Aboard for Tranquility Island!

Havannah Harbour allows visitors to both soak up the sunshine and landscape aboard Coongoola Cruises, as well as visit Tranquility Island for their turtle tour - Francesca, Francesca's Beach Club 

 VTO0049 Cruise Havannah


Encounter Amazing Sealife

A trip to Back to Eden will see you getting up close and personal with sea creatures, particularly sleeping turtles on the reef - Amanda, Vanuatu Jungle Zipline.

 VTO0049 Snorkelling in Havannah 2

To market, to market

Take the kids to Lenakel Market (Tanna). Bustling full of vibrant colours and aromas, be sure to take some small vatu coins and try the local fried bread - Euan, White Grass Ocean Resort & Spa.

Lanakel Market


Venture into Roi Mata's Domain 

Take a day trip on Havannah Harbour and visit the World Heritage-listed Roi Mata’s Domain. It holds huge cultural significance for locals. While Chief Roi Mata died some 400 years ago, his extraordinary powers have been spoken of for generations - Liz, The Havannah Vanuatu


Swing into the Blue Lagoon

Be sure to swing by the Blue Lagoon, just 35 minutes out of Port Vila. It's where the locals go swimming, with crystal blue shades, the top secret tip is to swim to the back of the main pool for a magical hidden area - Ga-Ga, Groovy Banana Photography.

Blue Lagoon 2

Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream

Give Vanuatu Ecotours a go, as they have something for everyone. Whether it's a hike, a kayaking tour or climb - Bettina, Grand Hotel & Casino.

VTO0049 Hike with local guide

Head to the races

Hermit crab races on Pele Island are a favourite for adults and kids alike...and the local kids will love joining in. Draw a circle in the sand, put your crabs in the middle and see whose crab makes it out of the circle fastest - Lisa, Vanuatu Ecotours.

28 VTO0049 Pele boat


Cruise along Epule River

Head down the Epule River (not shown below, but located in north-east Efate) in a traditional canoe or kayak. It's not too far off the beaten track. The real treat is the hidden cascades leading up into the mountains and pools of water at the end of the river - Tahnia, Le Life Resort.

vanuatutravel 011200110 kayaking 

Head over the horizon

Be sure to head out to Maewo in Penama Province. By plane, it's just 30 minutes from Luganville and 45 minutes from Port Vila.It boasts mighty waterfalls such as Naone. When visiting, be sure to check out the water taro terraces, and taste some of the local fresh water prawns - Sebastien, Vanuatu Rainbow Lodge