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Aneityum's main source of income is tourism (cruise ships) followed by small scale logging of the pine plantations. If planning a private and quiet retreat to Mystery Island then check the cruise ship itineraries with the Vanuatu Tourism Office in Port Vila before setting out. There are very few other visitors and ample accommodation so you needn't worry about crowds at other times. Most visitors have Mystery Island to themselves.

Mystery Island (Niñec)

The white sand beaches and coconut trees are the ideal images of paradise. Mystery Island is a pristine marine ecosystem that has been a marine protected area for over a decade. Swim with fish turtles, and stingrays, and explore some of the healthiest marine life in the archipelago. The island of Aneityum: without any roads or much urban development, the island is a playground for nature lovers. Bird watching, forest walks, waterfalls, orchid and flower walks, and mountain top views of the coast and interior of the island--are welcome respites from the stresses of urban life.