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Dining in Port Vila is deliciously French, European, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, Melanesian and Mediterranean cuisine which represents a blend of nationalities within the local expatriate community in Port Vila.

Port Vila, the Capital of Efate, hosts an array of businesses, international banks, money changers, and duty-free shops. For those who love to shop, you will find a blend of local and international clothing prints and designs, artwork, jewellery, bags and shoes. Visit the Mama’s Handicraft markets and you will personally see the local ladies sewing hand-painted dresses and sarongs. Sewn, using only hand-operated sewing machines you thought no longer existed in modern society. But of course this is Vanuatu, nothing is too old or wasted here.

Cafes and restaurants provide a local culinary experience, using local produce to create unique island cuisine to suit most budgets. Spend a week or more and eat your way through a variety of international food including; French, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, American, Italian and local fare such as lap lap, coconut crab, seafood and tropical fruit.

Support the local villages and visit the local markets and enjoy the colours, tastes and smells of village grown fruit and vegetables. Your taste buds won’t know what has hit them when they experience the sweetness and flavour of chemical-free, locally grown organic produce.