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Waterfall and Rivers

The island boasts dense forests containing some of Vanuatu's most beautiful rivers and waterfalls spread across the entire island enabling a productive agriculture and farming sector in the areas of local prawns, water taro gardening, and pigery. 


Tours can be arranged to some of the most beautiful rivers and waterfalls on Maewo island and a great way to sight-see on the water and catch a glimpse of other nearby islands, is by yachting up to Maewo and then perhaps hop across to Pentecost island during land diving festival season. Yachting is very popular around April to June.

Ancient traditions and beliefs

Some traditional dances performed by men are tabu for women. They must not see any of the dances and the dancing ground will remain forbidden for some time after the dance. In return, the women have their own dances which cannot be seen by men. Please note that visitors will face the same restrictions.

There are two thermal springs on Maewo but no signs of recent volcanic activity. Highlight activities whilst on Maewo are the River & Waterfall tours, Cultural Village tour, and bird watching is also recommended. All other tours can be arranged on request.