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By air

Ambae has three airstrips served by Air Vanuatu. Visit the Air Vanuatu website for airfares and schedules.

By boat

By sea, boats come and go from Luganville on Santo which is the shortest distance, and Port Vila.

A one-way trip costs 2000vt per person to west Ambae and 2500vt to north Ambae from Santo. The crossing takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the sea condition, and it  sometimes can take a whole day to boat around the island and visit villages.

Note that most of the boats are very basic, with very little comfort onboard, whilst  Sarafenua has a space for its passengers with benches where passengers can rest during the journey.

The Simonsen wharf in Luganville, Santo, is most ideal to get on a ship and boat across to Ambae.

Passenger ships en route from Port Vila stop along the northeast and west of the island and the best places to board are Ndui Ndui on west Ambae, and Lolopuepue and Lolowai in the north.

Transport around the island

Here are the costs-

Walaha - Ndui Ndui   3000 vts
Ndui Ndui - Devil's Rock 
Lolopuepue - Lolowai 4000 vts
Longana - Ambanga 6000 vts