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Whether you’re here for a relaxing holiday or an action-packed adventure, the island of Efate has something to offer everyone. Rushing rivers, deep canyons, excellent restaurants, shops, white sand beaches, immaculate surfing conditions and even inactive volcanoes, this island has it all. What’s more, it’s a great spot to base yourself if you want to explore the rest of Vanuatu, as flights leave from the capital Port Vila and can get you almost anywhere you want to go. 


Don’t Miss

  • Exploring Nguna and its volcano
  • Witnessing the powerful cascades of Lololima Waterfall 
  • Snorkelling or scuba diving in the underwater paradise off the shores of Efate

How To Get There 

Flights leave from most of the major cities in Australia and New Zealand as well as Fiji and New Caledonia. We suggest you check out the airlines and connections and then get online and book! 

Useful Tips 

  • With plenty of tours, public and private transport, Efate is one of the easier islands to get around in Vanuatu. Book ahead to plan your days and get the most out of the island. 
  • When you head out for exciting adventures, remember to pack your own bottles of water. Some guides will provide, while others won’t, so it’s good to remember your own supply. The humidity of Vanuatu can be deceiving. 
  • You can download the Hotspots Maps of the islands here – it’s handy to have them on your phone for ease of navigation and to check out all the great spots on the way.

Day 1 


Flying into Port Vila is easy from almost anywhere in Vanuatu, or from other areas in the South Pacific. There are a huge selection of hotels and other forms of accommodation online. We usually set ourselves up at Breakas Beach Resort, a 3.5 star tropical resort that gives you the benefit of being right where all the action is.

This morning, head out to the Mele Cascades. It’s not far from town and a nice introduction to local life in the largest village in Vanuatu. Hop on a bus (any mini-van with a ‘B’ on the number plate) and ask them to take you to Mele Cascades. Enjoy a short walk in the jungle before jumping into the falls. If you’re brave, grab your loved one for a secret kiss behind the falls (there’s a little cave behind the water on the main falls). On the way back to town, stop in for a Kava tour at the Kava House. You could also throw in lunch at the beach bar or one of the many other great restaurants in town.

Day 2 


This morning it’s time to explore Nguna. The easiest way to do this in a short period of time, is to organise a day trip ahead of time with Vanuatu Ecotours who are experienced guides and great at getting you from A to B and back. There are options to stay overnight on Nguna, if you’re up for it. No matter how you decide to do it, after a bus ride and short boat trip, your day starts in the village of Taloa, with its beautiful white sands and impossibly clear waters, before you follow your guide into the heart of the rainforest. 

Your walk will take you through traditional gardens with coconut trees and bamboo groves. It’s a slow but steep hike up to the volcano, so make sure you stop for water and rest if you need it. As you make your way to the volcano, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop and chat with local villages, as you pass through different communities and get a feel for their way of life. 


Making it to the top of the volcano is going to take some oomph. The last part of your walk is incredibly steep, but it’s worth the wait and the energy. The views, as you reach the top, are unparalleled. You can see all of the Shepherd Islands in the north as well as the adjacent islands Pele, Kakula and Emua. Take your time to soak it all in, before heading back down underneath the canopy of rainforest and back to the shore. At the end of the walk, there’s also time to snorkel. This is a great spot to see a dugong or turtle, so make sure to keep your eyes ready for the gentle giants of the sea!

Day 3 


Want an action packed morning? There’s plenty to choose from on Efate. You can spend your morning scuba diving in the healthy Vanuatu reefs, or head out to one of the harbour’s shipwrecks—there are a few and they’re really close to town. The main two dive operators are Big Blue  and Nautilus. They have tons of great dive spots to take you to, and can pick you up right from the doorstep of your hotel. Both companies also offer PADI courses if you’re a beginner.

Love the water but want to stay on top of it? Head off on a river kayak tour! Check it out here.  With pick-ups from your accommodation and a scenic drive to the Rentapao River, you can enjoy two hours of kayaking through the rainforest and past local villages. With refreshing fruit to eat by the river edge and plenty of fun to be had on the rope swing, there’s no shortage of fun on the kayak tour. 


Why not get out of town and explore some of the beauty of Havannah Harbour? We recommend that you pick up a hire car or organise to have a taxi for the afternoon, and head up over the hill to the north of the island. If you’re with a family, you’ll love the relaxed atmosphere at the Wahoo Bar  or, if it’s more romance and luxury you’re after, dine at Francesca’s Beach Club. Both places offer great seafood, are right on the water and the swimming is amazing. Look out for American World War II Coca Cola bottles – this is where the ships used to dock for some R&R and it seems they loved their Coke (and throwing the bottles overboard too)! There’s a quirky little roadside museum dedicated to the war just up the road from these restaurants in Tanoliu village.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing afternoon in town, treat yourself to a massage (you deserve it after yesterday’s hike!). Try the Thai Massage at Exotic Thai Restaurant just above the hill from Moorings. Have lunch there too—it’s sensational Thai. Finish the day with some cocktails by the pool at your resort.