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Peu importe vos goûts, il y a un certain nombre d'événements dans la région sur lesquels vous serez certainement intéressé:

Maskelyne Canoe Race

At Maskelyne Vanuatu Unnamed Road, Vanuatu

Start your journey with us...

Monday 26th July - Wednesday 28th July
8:00 pm - 6:00pm

Kalo Nathaniel


+678 7783524 or +678 5354687


maskelyne canoe race

Event program:

Monday 26th July

Day 1
9.00am              Arrival welcome with local custom dance and local string band
10.00am            String Band entertainment

                         Opening speech
                        1st speech:
                         Maskelyns island chiefs ( zethy kora)
                        2nd speech:
                        VTO Long Haul Marketing Manager, currently managing Domestic Tourism (Lea Faccarello)
                        3rd speech:

11.30am          Director of Department of Tourism (Jerry Spooner)
                        4th speech:
                        Closing remarks from Malampa Tourism Office

1.30pm           Refreshment with organic food and fruits

Visit Niel Fat Floating Beach and Snorkeling site

Tuesday 27th July

Day 2
9.00am           The most dominant race! Individual race / single race 

10.30am        Second dominant race
                      2 people race , 3 people races and lastly 4 people race 

1.30pm          Sailing race with new brand sail including VTO logo
4.30pm          Kava drinking competition

Wednesday 28th July 

Final day
9.00am           Hard face the final!
                       All competitors  to do the final race 

11.30am         Lunch
1.30pm           Local sailor do the final sailing
3.30pm           Awards given to the winners
5.00pm           Island night with fresh sea foods, kava, local string band 

Guests will be able to watch the children challenge each other on their category sail race.

Other highlight tour attractions including bush trekking and snorkeling giant clam farms can also be arranged with Kalo and his team during your 3-4 days stay. 

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