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Tanna Adventures

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Phone: +678 7791401
Mobile: +678 5448751


Tanna is one of the "must see" islands of the tropical paradise that is Vanuatu. Let Tanna Adventures show you what is one of the most unique locations in the South Pacific, and allow you to step back into and admire another world.


Isso runs Tanna-Adventures and is an ' Island Tour' operator of many years experience and is conversant in most of the village languages on Tanna. He is entertaining and always provides an enjoyable travel experience, which you are unlikely to get anywhere else. Isso's 4WD driving skill is worthy of the best offroad 4WD drivers, and covers roads and tracks everyday that can surpass the most testing offroad courses. Further, Isso can give the history, the reasons why things are done in certain ways, and how 'kastoms' affect and determine the Tanna way of life.

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