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The Woven Club Project by Aore Island Resort

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Art and Craft in Vanuatu is a rich part of the native culture and contrasts from island to island. Having refined their skills over generations, our beautiful Weaving Mamas are practiced at weaving bags, baskets and mats from coconut and pandanus leaves.


Our Beautiful Weavers are all located in the SANMA Province. Our Province, which is heavily reliant on Tourism, has taken a large hit from the Global Worldwide Pandemic of COVID-19 and Tropical Cyclone Harold Category 5 which devastated our islands in April 2020.

With this gorgeous craft used in day to day life, and no domestic tourism market to sustain business locally, it was time to start exploring the opportunities of converting the Mama's weaving skills into quality products on an International Level.

With our first collection selling more than 300 products, we have now expanded our weaving team to over 60 mamas…that is 60 families being supported by this project. The group also comprises of three teams of weavers from different villages.

The mama's business skills have strengthened since the start of this project. The weavers are now negotiating and buying pandanus from those who cannot weave, they are paying people to dry their pandanus as well as using transport to get from village to village to collect the finish products. This is having a positive effect on the community as the profits are not staying within one group of women, but they are being dispersed throughout the community.

Products will be available for purchase from Aore Island Resort in Santo and K2 Café in Port Vila.

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