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Nusumetu Eco Tours

Tours Tanna

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Nusumetu Eco tour covers a total land area of 100m+ hectares. This is mostly lowland and mountain forests with some patches of secondary forest.



The trek has around 50m hiking under the natural forest. However, there will be stops in between so the visitors should have some 5 minutes rests on every stops.

Eco and Nature Tours

The forests habours some of the endemic and vulnerable species in Vanuatu like the Carpoxylon macrospermum (palm) and the Caryota mitis (palm). The Eco tour treks is a half day tour around the protected area Area. Treks will include mountain climbing, swimming, fish feeding, hiking, bird-watching, Mountain View and tree planting. The community based eco trekking will help bring much –needed money into the community to help support the local management committee to implement restoration activities with the protected area.

Local Culture

Nusumetu community still lives and practices the traditional life style where people still lives in huts and lives off sustainable farming. They still hold onto their cultural beliefs. The eco tour has 12 stops altogether along the way. During the 12 stops the guides will share culture, custom stories and myths and beliefs of the ancestors during the olden days.

The tour will also involves Agritourism where visitors to undertake a tour of the farm to engage in planting and harvesting of vegetables and root crops and also see how the food and kava is being prepared locally by the community members and get to taste it and finally end the tour with Tanna Custom dance. The guests will also see the Nusumetu mama’s weaving baskets using local materials and traditional way of making fire and more.

Map & Directions

Tanna, Vanuatu