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Malog Bungalows - Tours

Tours Malekula

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Malog Bungalows - Tours, located on Maskelyne Islands in South Malekula, Malampa Province. Discover and experience the beauty of this mini archipelago with Kalo & Nina NATHANIEL.


Choose the tour or tours you would like to experience during your stay at Malog Bungalows - Tours.

1. Three-Day Outrigger Canoe Tour

A thrilling experience is the 3-day Outrigger Canoe Trip on Maskelyne Island. In a traditional canoe, you paddle to discover the island's breathtaking coastline, beautiful beaches, and green mangroves. You may go fishing, and snorkeling, and see the local marine life.

The trip involves camping on 2 inhabitant islands where you may take in the peace and quiet of nature. Interesting tales about the island's culture and history are told by the local guides during night time.

2. Round Island Walk

On Maskelyne Island, the round-island walk is a remarkable trip into the center of daily life. You will pass through 3 different villages, each of which is reached by a quick, lovely 15-minute walk from the last. You may take in the lively culture and welcoming nature of the islanders while you walk.

The trip also includes a stop at a secondary school where you may learn about the educational system in the area and perhaps even talk with some of the kids.

3. Dugong

Get a special close-up experience by looking at these magnificent sea creatures in their native environment. While you dive beneath the waves, our knowledgeable guides make sure it's safe and fun. See the dugongs' serene beauty as they float through the water, the sight will astound you.

This is a chance to have a profound relationship with nature. Don't pass on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. Spearfishing

Join Malog Bungalows's Spearfishing Tour to feel the rush of the hunt. Learn the fundamentals of traditional fishing from knowledgeable guides before jumping into the crystal-clear water to try your hand at catching your own dinner.

This excursion offers a special chance to see local customs and culture while also taking in Maskelyne Island's breathtaking underwater beauty. This tour delivers an adventure you won't soon forget, whether you are an experienced angler or a novice spearfished.

5. Waterfall

Come see the breathtaking waterfalls in Weso village, which are situated on Malekula. Swimming in the waterfalls is a singular and unforgettable experience because of the crystal clear water and lush tropical surroundings. The waterfalls have something has a lot to offer from adventure to tranquility..

6. Fishing

Whether you are a beginner or a true professional, our knowledgeable guide will assist you in reeling in the catch of the day. As you learn about regional fishing methods, take in the beauty of Maskelynes' clear seas and diverse marine life. This is more than simply a fishing excursion, it's an opportunity to get in touch with the natural world and learn about the island's culture in a totally new way. So gather your fishing supplies and comes spend a memorable day on the water with us.

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Malog Bungalows, Maskelyne Island Peskura, Vanuatu


Southern islands of Malekul Island.