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Luke Fargo Nangol / Land Diving Tour

Tours Penama

Phone: +678 739 2041
Mobile: +678 5355514.


Any Saturdays from April to June, you will be amaze firstly by the Land Diver when the young men take the leap of faith off the top of the traditional tower to celebrate the yam harvest. Other tours also available for overnight stayers to the Waterfalls, Traditional Custom Experience, Rell Cave waterfall, Snorkeling, fish feeding and so forth.


You can choose to arrive on Saturday and depart on Wednesday. Luke Fargo is owner of the Land Diver/Nangol and just 3 minutes’ walk on the beach to the site. We can also receive Cruise Ship bookings during the Land Diving season for the Londot Land diver village. Book now with us

Map & Directions

south,Pentecost Vanuatu


location is at south penticost