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Big Nambas Bungalow at Tenmaru

Bungalow Malampa

Phone: +678 48888


Big Nambas Bungalow at Tenmaru is one of the most unique bungalows found in Malekula or even maybe Vanuatu. It is built upon a huge rock right at the seafront with an attractive view looking over the crystal blue ocean, and it is in the heart of Big Nambas country. The bungalow has a basic restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Big Nambas Bungalow offers one bungalow built using local materials. The Seafront Bungalow has 1 double bed and 1 single bed with private toilet and shower. Bungalow per person per night including breakfast is 2,900 VT. It is just two and a half hours by road from Norsup airport. Lunch and dinner prices start from 800 VT per person with a special dinner of Lap-lap sor-sor or lobster available for 1,500 VT.

Map & Directions

Big Nambas Bungalow Tenmaru Malekula, Vanuatu


and it is in the heart of Big Nambas country malekula