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With only 400 cruising vessels visiting Vanuatu's 83 islands and hundreds of safe anchorages, you won't get bothered with crowded anchorages or hassled by hawkers.

You'll simply be able take your time enjoying sailing in Vanuatu and not just pass through these remarkable islands.

As one of many developing nations in the Pacific, Vanuatu is constantly evolving and creating new activities and adventures for tourists, but as cruisers, you have the unique opportunity to visit places where tourists seldom reach and experience the richness of custom and culture that dates back thousands of years.

Make sure that you join in and experience something that the rest of the world has forgotten with the friendliest people you will find anywhere before it disappears.

The authorised ports of entry for touring yachts are Port Vila, Luganville, Lenakel (Tanna) and Sola (Vanua Lava). A landing fee of 7,000 VT applies for the first 30 days and a 100 VT fee applies each day after that. There is also a quarantine clearance fee of 4,000 VT. Fines apply if landfall, or departure, has been made before customs and immigration have been cleared.

A few key points to note when visiting Vanuatu are:

  • All Crafts on route to Vanuatu must provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of arrival to Customs via Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..
  • This notice must include the following:
    • the name of the vessel
    • the voyage (last 3 ports)
    • the estimated date and time of arrival in Vanuatu
    • the appointed port or other place where the craft will land or berth
    • the name of the master or skipper of the vessel
    • the name and contact details of the person providing the information
    • the names of passengers on board
    • a list of goods to be landed (if any)
  • Crafts and Passengers Forms must also be completed and emailed. These can be downloaded from the Vanuatu Customs & Inland Revenue Deparment.
  • You must fly the yellow quarantine flag when within 200 nautical miles of any Vanuatu Island until your clearance is completed.
  • Upon arrival at the port, vessels can call 'Customs' on VHF radio Channel 16 (currently only at Port Vila and Lenakel).
  • Master of all yachts entering Vanuatu from a foreign port or place must first report to the Customs, Quarantine and Immigration authorities at either the port of Lenakel, Port Vila, Luganville or Sola.
  • Vessels may not call at Mystery Island (Anietyum) or Port Resolution (Tanna) or any other place in Vanuatu, prior to entering one of the ports nominated above for customs clearance
  • If you wish to stop at any port other than these four designated anchorages you can request permission from the Director of Customs via email at least 48 hours (working days) before departure.

For more information on clearance matters, visit the Vanuatu Customs & Inland Revenue Deparment website.

For more detailed information about yachting in Vanuatu, including information on each individual port, activites, maintenance and more, visit Vanuatu Cruising.

There are also a number of Yachting Service suppliers located in Port Vila that are able to provide assistance, point you in the right direction in finding that secluded bay to relax in or answer general queries.



Yachting World Vanuatu

Yachting World Vanuatu provide all facilities for cruising yachts; from duty free diesel, portable water, harbour swip, moorings for hire, see wall marina with power and water, hot showers, WiFi to your yacht to the well known restaurant 'The Waterfront Bar and Grill'. They are situated at 10 minute walk to main fruit and vegetable market and Port Vila town facilities.


Vanuatu Yacht Services

Vanuatu Yacht Services (VYS) came about out of the need for professional and personal shore side support for visiting Yachts & Superyachts. They provide exclusive yacht agency services to all superyachts and yachts visiting Vanuatu. VYS have a dedicated and professional team who are able to respond, 24/7, to all requests, offering the highest quality service. They have all the local knowledge and experience to provide you with the best service at the best prices.

Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club


The Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club (VCYC) is located on the front of the property of the Port Vila Boatyard in Pontoon Bay. Local and Foreign visitors are encouraged to come by to join and support the club, sign-up as members and meet up with some of the local yachtsmen and woman and VCYC junior sailors. 

The VCYC has recently introduced a Junior sailing division (in 2015) where children (Ni-Vanuatu, resident expat and visiting youth) can learn to sail on RS Tera’s and Lasers. This is done in collaboration with Vanuatu’s only sailing school RS Vanuatu. The aim of the VCYC Junior Sailing program is to develop the sport of sailing in the country for all people to enjoy and to develop a competitive National Sailing Team who will participate in major international competitions.

Port Vila Boatyard


Port Vila Boatyard is located in the corner of Pontoon Bay in Port Vila (near the Main Wharf); with access via the yard by road or by tender on their beach. As a full service facility they are able to cater for all vessel maintenance needs including total or partial refit projects. They have a purpose built hydraulic trailer capable of handling monohull’s up to 25 metric tons and 16 meters in length and multihulls up to 25 metric tons and 20 meters in length.

They secure monohulls vessel on their cradle with four steel arm uprights on the vessel sides and four 'Acro Props' with pads located under the hull, while multihull’s sit on steel beams either directly on their keels with additional support fore and aft of the keel or are supported and suspended from the vessels bridge deck, depending on the type of vessel. During cyclone season, all vessels are propped with additional supports and are then tied to their cradles and also to strong points located in the ground around the vessel. This method of securing vessels out of the water is accepted by the majority of marine insurers. 

Kaleva Yachting Services Vanuatu


Kaleva Yachting Services (KYS), based in Port Vila, provides support to superyachts and cruising boats. They offer electrical and mechanical engineering, provisioning, local knowledge, base support, charter and brokerage services.

KYS is well acquainted and has extensive experience within the yachting industry. They act as a yacht agent supplying services and products to superyachts and cruising yachts alike. Based in Port Vila, Vanuatu's largest city and arrival and departure point for most visitors, they are ideally situated to provide a full array of services for yachts and their guests.