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Pele Sunrise Bungalows

Bungalow Pele

Phone: +678 564 9102
Mobile: +678 593 6250


Welcome to Pele Sunrise Bungalow, located at Launamoa which is the largest village on the island. Here island life is an ocean breeze, away from all the urban hustle and bustle where you can get away from it all and enjoy pristine nature surrounded by the infectious smiles and the warm hospitality of the locals.


Sunrise Bungalows is perched right on the beach with breath taking ocean views looking out to Emau Island.

Your host, Tarisu Seth is a seasoned tourism operator who will be able to share with you the stories of his community and his island.

Pele Sunrise Bungalows can sleep up to 10 people, 2 in each of the 5 bungalows. The property is ideal for large groups such as families, church youth groups, even surf clubs, yes there are surf breaks on that side of the island. Camping space is also available at Pele Sunrise here too.

Every afternoon, the youth would head out to sea with their surf boards and surf so Pele Sunrise over the years have been hosting free independent travelers who surfed.

On a fine day, swimming and snorkeling is a memorable experience. If you would like to go for a hike, an easy 30-minute walk across to Piliura Village can be organized by your host.

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Sunrise Bungalows,Pele Island, Vanuatu