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Nambuawia Organic Bungalows

Island Bungalow Emae

Phone: +678 5353655


Welcome to Nambuawia.


We are located along Vanuatu's longest strip of white sandy beach, where you can even enjoy straddling along horseback looking out into the open ocean.

We also offer fishing trips, snorkeling and an opportunity to get into our village way of life and learn the island traditions of weaving, gardening, and much more.

Our bungalow is built using natural materials surrounding our location. The roofs are woven from thatched leaves or locally known as natangora, our floors are coral, and walls from palm tree trunks. There are 3 rooms with single beds.

Emae is fringed by a coral reef with long stretches of white sand beaches. The sea is just a few minutes walk from the bungalow, offering safe swimming and snorkelling.

The neighbouring islands of Makura and Mataso form an enticing backdrop to the beach and can be reached by boat when the sea is not too rough. The lovely host James, will be able to help you to arrange a trip.

Other activities include visiting the nearby village of Sangafa where they have a market a couple of times a week. The women weave and create beautiful handicrafts that are can purchase and bring back home as a souvenir gift.

Ask the children to show you the whale bones, the enormous remnants of a whale that came ashore on the reef several years ago.

So if you are looking for a perfect family weekend to get away from the town's hustle and bustle, we are here for you.

Map & Directions

Nambuawia Organic Bungalow, Vanuatu


The bungalow is situated in the little village of Finonge. James, Marie and their family live next door. There's a small shop attached to their house and across the road is Nofa School and a clinic.