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Kamilisa Bungalow

Bungalow Torba

Phone: +678 36617


Welcome to Kamilisa Bungalow, located just a five minutes walk from Linua Airport, in the Torres Islands. The far and remote location is perfect for guests longing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, and just to be able to relax under the coconut palms, and listening to the lapping of the waves along the beachside. At Kamilisa, guests can also experience authentic village life and learn about the culture and the people of Linua isle.


Kamilisa Bungalow offers 4 rooms, all double beds facing the ocean. Here is where you can enjoy a unique experience of indulging the signatory coconut crab, when in season. You can also go on the hunt with your host, and watch how the cooks prepare for the feast.

Other tours and activities that can be arranged by your host include a gentle trek to honeymoon beach, snorkeling and fishing the island way, visiting the local gardens, and picnic lunch on the beach where nearby Loh island boasts a magnificent view reminding everyone that the islands in the far northern province are indeed spectacular.

Map & Directions

Torres Islands, Vanuatu


5 minutes walk from the airport