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If you are looking to try the local specialities here are a few suggestions to make sure you don’t miss out.

Poulet Fish

The most regularly caught fresh fish. This white flesh fish can be found freshly caught on most menus.  


Vanuatu cacao has growing reputation for making beautiful chocolate. The cacao is across Vanuatu on many of the more remote islands. You will be amazed at the difference in taste between the various islands. Give yourself a taste test between Santo, Malakula, and Epi


The local beer is Tusker. Available everywhere not visit is complete without a try,

Vanuatu Beef

With a growing reputation for tenderness and taste Vanuatu Beef is a must try while in Vanuatu. With both cattle and coconut trees living together is it any wonder the meat is tender.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Available from markets, roadside stalls and restaurant menus fresh and seasonal produce is part of every visit to Vanuatu.   


Did you think it was possible to get sick of seafood platters – you should give it a try? Local seafood includes fish, tuna, lobster, crab, locally grown prawns, and coconut crab.   The fish comes straight from the fisherman’s boat to the kitchen and then to you. 

Local Dishes

The Bislama word for food is kai kai.  Keep an eye out for the local kai kai and give some of the local dishes a try. Some of the more readily available ones include

Tuluk – Minced pork or beef wrapped in casava and cooked underground for 4-6 hours.      

Lap Lap – is a baked pudding. It is made up of grated yam, banana, manioc, or taro that is mixed with coconut milk and salt, then baked under hot stones