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Friendly Beach Bungalow

Island Bungalow Tanna

Phone: +678 7744991
Mobile: +678 5396577


Friendly Beach Bungalows has 4 island type Bungalows. Each providing perfect views across the Pacific Ocean.


The surrounding is marvelously covered with lush greenery.

The Bungalows itself are made from sustainable local materials and situated on the amazing Volcanic Black Sandy Beach of Lowakels Cove.

The establishment is just a driving distance away from Yasur Volcano, Port Resolution & Hot springs.

There are Cultural Villages & Waterfalls that can be arranged.

Friendly Beach Bungalows offers a relaxing environment for anyone looking to escape the modern world.

Price range: 14,500VT to 29,500VT

Capacity: a bungalow can sleep up to 4 people.

This includes hot breakfast anytime during the day you can have coffee for free, airport transfer & hot water is available.

For Picnic, it will cost 900vt for sandwich during lunch, 1,500vt for cooked lunch, 2,800vt for full cooked dinner.

Picnic for kids is 500vt for sandwich, 600vt for cooked lunch and 1000vt for dinner.

Accept Credit Card: No.

Map & Directions

Tanna island