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Dori Lagoon Bungalow

Bungalow Banks Islands

Phone: +678 36617
Mobile: +678 5348045


Welcome to Dori Lagoon Bungalow located on beautiful Rah Island overlooking the lagoon surrounded by complete tranquility.


Your hosts are Florence and her husband Cecil. They love the Island paradise they live in and take great pleasure sharing this with their guests. y

The Bungalows

Guests can choose 3 types of bungalows. They are the Waterfront Bungalow with en suite, Double Bungalow and Single Bungalow with shared bathroom facilities. The bungalows are complete with overhanging mosquito nets and towels.


The meals are prepared from organic seasonal local produce as much as possible, and Breakfasts can include banana chips, yam, toast, egg, paw-paw and pamplemousse or the local grapefruit. Lunch or dinner may include chicken or fish with rice and aelan kaekae (lap-lap, breadfruit, pumpkin, cooked banana, watermelon, paw-paw). Fresh rainwater is supplied for drinking.

Tours and Activities

Fishing, Spearfishing and Diving is a must. Guests can hire a local boat and driver for a fishing, spearfishing and diving. The local fisherman and captain are great ocean-men and know where to find the fish you are chasing. Fish the reef drop offs around Rah Island and Motalava or you can also go game fishing to the ocean reefs and seamounts. Depending on seasons fish species you could catch a variety of palagics and reef fish - Yellow Fin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, Marlin, Spanish Makeral, Wahoo, Coral Trout, Tusk Fish et.

If fishing is not your thing, then there is a guided canoe tour or how about a walk to some of Rah's main attraction sites, snorkelling, and learning about the traditional shell money, can easily be arranged.

Map & Directions

Dori Lagoon Bungalow, Lava, Banks islands, Sola, Vanuatu


Rah is an Island of its own near Motalava that can be easily accessed by walking across the lagoon or by Taxi Canoe