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Big Blue Vanuatu

Tours Efate

Phone: +678 5544054


Big Blue is the only PADI 5* Dive Resort in Efate, we are equipped to teach all levels of diving from taking your first breaths underwater to exploring new and exciting dive specialties. We can prepare you to lay a line through a wreck, identify your favourite marine creatures, and frog-kick in perfect buoyancy.


Our dive boat trips run every morning and afternoon, we leave straight from the dive centre along the Seawall and embark on a short boat ride before mooring up at one of Port Vila’s unique dive spots. For those who prefer to explore by star light, we offer regular weekly night dives.

Our dive trip itinerary is to gear up and jump in for the first dive, marvel at the wonders of the underwater world, climb aboard for a surface interval with fruit and refreshments, then delve into the blue once again for a second dive. We have an incredible variety of shipwrecks, including the 1874 Star of Russia, and coral reefs flourishing from Pango Point to Mele Bay.


10 Dive Package

Join us in diving paradise and jump in to a wonderful variety of pristine dive locations that capture the essence and beauty of the South Pacific. Underneath the waves of Pango Point, Mele Bay and Port Vila Harbour, we invite you to experience the mystery of sunken shipwrecks, amazing wildlife encounters, and flourishing tropical marine ecosystems. We certainly have enough spectacular underwater marvels to peak our divers’ interests, from a 150-year-old wooden shipwreck patrolled by circling trevallies, to pristine coral reef ecosystems teaming with life, complexity and towering plate corals. On occasion, we find ourselves honoured by the companionship of a dugong or two!

Big Blue offers 20+ years of experience diving the underwater landscape of Port Vila. We have three boats and a team of highly knowledgeable local dive professionals to share with you the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean. Our daily dive itinerary includes two half-day dive boat trips, departing from the Port Vila seafront Tuesday through Sunday, and an extra night dive every Thursday to explore what reef creatures awaken by starlight!

The price for a 10-dive package including dive equipment rental, tanks, weights, local dive guide services, and light refreshments during surface intervals is Vt 75,000. If you have your own gear, theprice is Vt 60,000. If you would like to rent a dive torch for the night dives, we charge Vt 1,000 to hire per dive.

PADI Open Water Course

As Vanuatu’s only PADI 5-Star Instructor Development Dive Resort, Big Blue Vanuatu is equipped to train you as one of finest and safest newly certified divers. We are proud to teach to above industry standards and are devoted to preparing our students with the greatest arsenal of dive knowledge and skills.

Our Open Water courses begin with online presentations and training that you work through at home, followed by 3 days of hands-on skill-building workshops and open water dives. In the pool, we conduct a training regime designed to build your confidence with the specialised equipment, competency in maintaining neutral buoyancy, and mastery of emergency scenario practices.

Once you have built a strong foundation in the pool, your new skills are put into practice throughout four open water dives. On the dives, the main objectives are to maintain good buddy contact and practice clear signal communication, develop gas management, practice dive site navigation, and control your buoyancy, all with excellent situational and environmental awareness.

With all of this training completed, you will receive your PADI Open Water Diver certification, the world’s most recognised recreational diving accreditation!

The price for the PADI Open Water course with Big Blue is Vt 45,000, inclusive of all required dive equipment rental and PADI e-card certification.

Discover Scuba Dives

Experience the sensation of breathing underwater on our introductory dive excursions! Join us in the pool and blow some bubbles, all whilst under direct supervision if our expertly trained dive staff. In this pool session, we introduce you to a couple of the core scuba skills to develop an understanding of your equipment and how to dive safely and with confidence.

Next, we venture onto one of the Big Blue dive boats and jump in at a calm, tranquil spot to explore tropical coral reefs and the magnificent array of marine life they host. We welcome you to join us for one or two ocean dives, we always make a splash at a new spot for the second dive so you never know what incredible wildlife you might encounter on one of our Discover Scuba Dive trips!

The price for the Discover Scuba Dive experience inclusive of a pool session and an ocean dive is Vt 12,500, additional dives with one of our friendly instructors is Vt 10,000 per dive.

Map & Directions

Big Blue Scuba, Efate, Vanuatu


Located in Port Vila Harbour next to Nambawan Cafe