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Bellevue Horse Ranch

Tours Port Vila

Mobile: +678 7747318


Welcome to Bellevue Ranch! We are 100% local Ni Vanuatu owned and operated. Tom Nangam, owner of Bellevue Ranch is a man from the island of Tanna and has spent his whole life working with horses in Vanuatu. Bellevue Ranch horses have all been broken in and trained by Tom, who is know locally as the Vanuatu “horse whisperer”. Tom has trained in Belgium, Australia and his home, Vanuatu.


All guides, and Tom’s two sons, Wayne and Kiwi all speak English and they offer a fantastic and informative riding experience. The trail rides go through beautiful rainforests and countryside only accessible through Bellevue Ranch.

We cater for all age groups, 6 to 60+, with horses to suit everybody. There is a bar area for thirsty riders and club members and a beautiful outlook over Port Vila harbour where you can watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Our prices are the best in Vanuatu, and we have fantastic horses and true horsemanship. All tour prices include our friendly English speaking guides to ride with you, plus return transport to and from your hotel.

Map & Directions

melemaat, Port Vila, Vanuatu


5 minute drive from the heart of port vila