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Aelan Chocolate Makers

Tours Efate

Phone: +678 22554


Hand crafted artisan chocolate, made from bean to bar in Vanuatu, South Pacific.


Aelan Chocolate Makers was born from a passion for cocoa and artisanal manufacturing, based in the pristine Vanuatu archipelago. We use hand farmed cocoa grown in dark volcanic soil, giving our chocolate a rich flavour.

Our Cocoa Community

Since 2007, we have been working with communities of cocoa growers, helping them to rehabilitate plantations and improve fermenting and drying methods, our profits are equitably shared with our local suppliers. Our simple traditional recipe is based on mixing pure quality ingredients, cocoa beans and sugar to create these fine chocolate bars to savour and enjoy. More information are available of the activ association (www.activassociation.org) website on the projects with the cocoa producers.

Map & Directions

Activ, Second Lagoon, Port Vila, Vanuatu


15 minutes from town