Colour Fest

Music Festival At Le life Resort Unnamed Road, Vanuatu

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Saturday 26th September - Sunday 27th September
8:00 pm - 12:00pm

Cost: Anywhere from 25AUD to 90AUD. Go to the website to book and get for more information on packages.

+678 5527046 / 7743930

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'Colour Festival' is the first event of its kind in Vanuatu hosted by Le Life Resort. It is inspired by Holi – the Festival of Colours – which is celebrated every spring throughout India and brought to Vanuatu to celebrate human spirit and togetherness. Essentially it is a music festival but with an abundance of colour, showcasing Vanuatu's very own artists all brought together to celebrate the Vanuatu spirit, diversity and happiness. This dance music festival will host a true kaleidoscope of Vanuatu cultures. Source

Tel: +678 5527046 / 7743930

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