Day One: Efate – Port Vila

Arrive in Port Vila

Spend an evening exploring and adjusting to island time. Dining at one of Port Vila’s many restaurants will be a delight, abundant fresh and organic produce is a highlight of this agriculturally diverse area. You’ll find all types of cuisine, from island influenced to French, Italian, Chinese and Indian and plenty of beach front bars and clubs right in town if a late cocktail takes your fancy.

Day Two: Efate

Take a day tour of the gorgeous island of Efaté and many of its special places.

You’ll visit local villages, hike through lush rainforest to discover the beautiful Mele Cascades and swim in the vibrant pools at their base. Blue swimming holes are a feature of Vanuatu and flying from a rope swing into the blue water is an unforgettable way to mix with the locals. You’ll get to discover great snorkelling spots and the pristine coastline. A stop at the Vanuatu Cultural Centre gives a great introduction to the rich cultural diversity of these islands.

Back to your accommodation at Port Vila and an opportunity to try out another restaurant or perhaps a beachfront bar to witness the sun going down, cocktail in hand.

Day Three: Efate to Ambrym


Transfer to the domestic airport for your flight to Ambrym (Allow one hour for check-in time for all domestic flights and note there is a provincial departure tax of VT200/person to pay at each domestic airport after your check-in).

Note: For all tours and accommodation bookings on Ambrym island please visit www.ambrym.travelfor details and booking information.


Get settled at your island bungalow.  

Day Four & Five: Ambrym

Volcano Trek Overnight (2 days, 1 night)

Trek Day one: Approximately five hours. Max altitude: 720 metres.
Your trek starts at Port-Vato with an easy walk on a truck track through local gardens, coconut trees, forest and dried up river bed to meet a cliff face. After lunch there is steep climb through the river bed and at this point you are approximately at the middle of your trek! Take a hilly walk through a forest track and then across a narrow wet river bed, with exceptional scenery.  Take a short but very steep walk through a sandy dune until you reach the ash plane and camp site. It is here you glimpse the expanse of the ash plane and volcano scenery for the first time. You will set up camp while your local guide prepares dinner.

Trek Day two: Approximately three hours to Mount Benbow returning to camp and then four hours down to Port Vato. Max altitude 1020 metres.

Early in the morning you will begin your walk across the ash plane and across a moon-like landscape. The scenery here is breathtaking so make sure your camera is poised!  Your last 30 minutes of walking will take you up to the crater of Mount Benbow to see the bubbling lava filled caldron below and survey your vista. After the jaw dropping experience on the rim of the volcano you will be pleased to hear that your walk back to camp is a lot easier and should only take one hour. Have lunch and then make the journey to the town of Port-Vato.  

Day Six: Ambrym

A trip to Ambrym is not complete without witnessing the Rom Dance. This magical dance is breathtaking and unique to Ambrym. See the cloaked spirits stomp out ancient rhythms surrounded by massive guardian tam-tams. North Ambrym offers three fantastic festivals around July and August every year.

Day Six: Ambrym to Efate


Transfer to the domestic airport for your flight to Port Vila


At your leisure

Day Seven: Tata mo lukim yu!

Depart Port Vila