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Your tour will introduce you to the growing methods, large scale kava production, market selling, and the traditional customs and activities associated with kava.

A short distance from Luganville town you’ll visit lush tropical gardens where you can wander amongst the local fruit and vegetable crops, to see how where kava plants grow. Here you’ll learn more about planting, and harvesting methods.


Kava is steeped in local tradition and your next stop, at the kava bar, is where you will learn more about the customs surrounding this. You’ll be served your taste of kava in a “shell”. Traditionally a half coconut, most kava bars use small bowls today. As you face the direction of the setting sun, and let go of any stresses of the day, you’ll gain an understanding of the pleasure taken from the evening kava ritual.

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Luganville, Espiritu Santo


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