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Get Married Vanuatu

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Enjoy the fun parts best – skip the stress - because Helen will do the rest. While this will be the first time that you’ve wanted to plan a wedding in Vanuatu, Get Married Vanuatu’s wedding planner Helen does it all the time. Helen knows that you’ll be excited about having your wedding in Vanuatu, but she also knows that you’ll probably be wondering, “How on earth can we make this all happen?” That’s why you need to know that Helen will organise everything for you and make it all happen.


Helen offers her wedding planning expertise, knowledge and qualities to couples who want to elope, who want just a few guests or who want lots of guests. She knows that no 2 couples or 2 weddings are the same. It’s important to Helen that you have the day that you want. If that means you want to avoid some traditions you’re not into while embracing others - then that is just fine with her.

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Luganville, Espiritu Santo


located in Luganville Espiritu santo