In celebration of the recent Pacific Week of Agriculture, proudly hosted by Vanuatu, here is a blog by Turtlebaybeachhouse.com.
Whether you’re after beautiful, fresh organic produce, a cheap feed, some fresh seafood or you simply want to immerse yourself in the vibrant community atmosphere, Vanuatu fruit and vegetable markets are definitely worth the effort to visit.

They’re also generally way cheaper than the supermarkets so it’s also a win-win for your wallet as well!

The biggest outdoor Vanuatu food markets are based in Port Vila on Efate Island and Luganville on Espiritu Santo Island. They run 7 days a week, from early in the morning to late at night (except for Sunday nights), however just about every island has a central market as well as smaller roadside or village stalls selling a variety of seasonal produce.

Our 12 “Must Have” tips are the ultimate local’s guide to navigating these Vanuatu food markets – they will not only save you heaps of time, money and effort but also ensure you have a culinary adventure in paradise!

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