Maskelyne Outrigger Canoe Race & Arts Festival

Events , Sporting Events , Cultural , Annual At south,malekula Malekula, Vanuatu

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Friday 28th July - Saturday 29th July
9:00 pm - 10:00pm

Tags: sports , cultural , customdance , festival


Join us in this exciting annual event and cultural festival. There’s a celebration of kastom dance, canoe-making, kava tasting, and of course Vanuatu’s ultimate outrigger canoe race followed by the event’s big ‘Island Night’.

The canoe race and festival is on Vanuatu’s Independence Day – which wraps up a week of celebrations in South Malekula. So it’s a great opportunity to hang out with the local community during this festive time and take in other local attractions.

There’s the popular 4-day outrigger canoe trip which includes dugong (sea-cow) spotting and snorkeling, or for a more laid back holiday several beautifully located bungalows offer a base to relax and enjoy the festive week.

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