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Events At Luganville santo Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

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Monday 29th May - Friday 2nd June
11:53 pm - 1:53pm

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The Espiritu Santo interlude in 2017 is a four-night package including swimming from the beautiful Lonnoc Bay, around Champagne Reef to Timmy's Place, and a day excursion to the mysterious Aore Island to visit Freshwater Plantation, its cocoa plantation, its caves, and rainforest trek followed by lunch and a swim. We allow a day for you to choose your own adventure from the myriad options available, such as Millennium Cave, Santo Highlights and Blue Holes, and many more.

We have an array of accommodation options available in Luganville, Santo's capital.

This is a different style of experience from the last few years. Local swimmers are planning to run the Espiritu Santo Aore Swim on Thursday, June 1, which you can do as an option. Cost of this is still to be determined, but you can decide whether to take part in this when you arrive in Santo, if you like.

We recommend travelling to Luganville on Monday, May 29, ready for our Lonnoc Bay-Timmy's Place swim on Tuesday, and our plantation excursion on Wednesday. Local swimmers are running the Espiritu Santo-Aore Swim on the Thursday. Flights should be booked out from Santo from Friday, June 2, or later, if you'd like to stay longer and experience more of Vanuatu's Adventure Island.

  • Monday, May 29 - Arrive Luganville, settle in to accommodation
  • Tuesday, May 30 - Swim Lonnoc Bay-Timmy's Place, visit/swim Santo Blue Hole
  • Wednesday, May 31 - Freshwater Plantation Excursion (Aore Island)
  • Thursday, June 1 - Espiritu Santo-Aore Swim (Luganville-Aore - run by locals this year, not included in package cost)
  • Friday, June 2 - Choose your adventure when you get to Santo
  • Saturday, June 3 - Depart Santo (or stay on if you like)

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