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Malampa Day Public Holiday

Annual At malekula island Malekula, Vanuatu

Start your journey with us...

Tuesday 5th September
10:10 pm - 12:10pm

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MALEKULA is the home to the Big Nambas and Smol Nambas tribes. Previously fearsome warriors and cannibals, they are now sharing their unique culture and traditions with visitors

Malakula Island(coordinates16.30°S 167.50°E), also spelledMalekula, is the second-largest island in the nation ofVanuatu, in thePacific Oceanregion ofMelanesia.

It is separated from the islands ofEspiritu SantoandMaloby theBougainville Strait.Lakatoro, capital ofMalampa Province, is situated on its northeastern shore and is the largest settlement in the island. On the northeastern side of the island there is a group of islands calledSmall Islands, amongst them (from N to S)Vao,Atchin,Wala (island),Rano (island),Norsup,UripivandUri (island). Off the southwestern coast isTomman Island, in the southAkhamb Islandand at the southeastern point theMaskelynes Islandsare found, among themSakao IslandandUliveo.

It has a maximum elevation of 879 m. It is called Mt. Liambele.[1]In 1768,Louis Antoine de Bougainvillegave his name to the straits which separate Malakula from Santo

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