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Events At Luganville santo Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

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Wednesday 5th July
8:21 - 10:21am

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Espiritu Santo is the largest of Vanuatu’s islands (4,010 km2), with some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches, amazing blue holes, caves and world renowned diving and snorkeling.

It is a little known paradise waiting to be uncovered by both diver's and non-divers. Santo offers everything - relax or picnic on white sandy beaches, dive around the SS President Coolidge, learn about culture in a Kastom village, catch marline, wahoo, Spanish mackerel, kayak from island to island on clear blue water, swim in jewel quality blue holes or marvel at bats and formations at Millennium Cave

About an hour drive from Luganville town. Walk through the jungle to the Vunaspef village over the hand made bamboo bridge. Only discovered and created by a young man in the Vunaspef village and Santo explorer Glen Russell in 2000. Explore the dark cave full of bats and sparrows, high ceiling about 50 meters high, 3-4 km long, and have splash in the waterfall. Have a break for lunch in the tropical rainforest on the river side, then most amazing experience, swim down the river in the tropical gorge. And then more bush walking back to Vunaspef village

As part of the 2017 Big Bay Swim, we will also be hosting a massive festival! Now in its second year of running the Big Bay Festival is a great morning out in Williamstown for locals and visitors alike! The Festival goes from 10am – 3pm.

We will have a huge market with all kinds of great stuff to buy, plus bands and rides for the kids! What more can you ask for on a Sunday morning in Feb?

Come down even if you’re not swimming for a great day of fun with your family!

Applications are now open for market stalls,click here to reserve yours today!

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