Vanuatu Junior Tennis Tournament

Events At Port Vila, Vanuatu

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Thursday 27th July - Sunday 30th July
4:13 - 6:13pm

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IT’S the beginning of 2017, the year of Van2017, and Vanuatu Tennis is back, announcing its programs for the year and its preparations for the Mini-Games in December.

Vanuatu Tennis confirmed its 2017 Junior Battle has been announced and will be held on February 4 and 11. Each year, the Battle brings together the best junior players that will have to make their way to the National Junior Squad. The Battle format has been slightly changed this year into a compass draw tournament for four age groups: U12, U14, U16 and U18.

The sports federation said 2017 is a busy year for its juniors, with West-Pacific Regional Championships, POJC, Youth Commonwealth Games and ITF Grade 5 in New-Caledonia and Fiji.

In their 2016 annual report, VTF announced some of its preparations towards the Mini-Games that have been done last year.

As part of their preparations towards the games, VTF has adopted its Child Protection Policy in August last year. Their Code of Officials was also adopted in August and the first officials signed the code in November in line with the Vanuatu Junior Regional Championships.

The organisation structure has been done and approved by VTF. And a Sport Competition Manager was appointed in October. The first budget was presented in April. The first call of volunteers for the mini-games was done in June. VTF received a total of 15 applications and 13 volunteers were in service and tested during the Vanuatu Junior Regional Championships in December 2016.

The tennis courts have been measured and lights have been checked.

Also in preparation towards the games VTF announced the first training for its officials was done. The introduction to code of officials and job description was done in November last year. The Sport Competition Manager attended Australian Open ball-kids training in Melbourne in January last year to have an overall idea on how to train 2017 ball-kids. The call for young volunteers was done in May and VTF has received a total of 44 responses.

Unfortunately, VTF said, “While the program is successful in Port Vila, we have difficulty to implement it in Santo due to lack of financial support from the Department of Youth and Sport.

“Despite several promises, the Department failed to provide the grant for this program and it has to be stopped in October. However the Kindy Program continues to be a success.

“One of the main focuses of the development program for 2016 was the improvement of our Development Officers’ training. Specific training sessions were conducted in May 2016 with Tennis World Coach Aymeric Mara and the main outcome was to have better structured lesson plan. Thank you to Tennis Australia who supports this project,” they said.

They said their Senior Competition was low last year with few players participating in the Fiji Open and the Oceania Championships. In the absence of Aymeric Mara and Cyril Jacobe, the task was difficult for Samuel Journet, Leiniker Thomas, Marlin Hannam, Lorraine Banimataku, Marie Liwuslili and Emma Maucotel who represented VTF at the Oceania Championships in Fiji.

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