Freshwind Bungalow

Island Bungalow Emae

Phone: +6787746981
Mobile: +6785251154


Welcome to Freshwind Bungalows on beautiful Emae island, in the village of Tongamea village. The property is blessed with gorgeous views whether you are looking up towards the hills or out into the open ocean with Makira and Mataso at a not so far distance.


Flower gardens surround the bungalow’s premise and so does the warm and welcoming smile from your lovely host Jacob and his family. The property consists of 3 bungalows, a kitchen, with toilet and bathroom shared facility. Onsite activities include fishing, kava tasting, cultural performances, hiking, a trip out by boat to Cook Reef, Makira and Mataso. If you are looking for a relaxing and at the same time, a chance to go out on an exciting adventure, give Jacob a call.

Map & Directions

Emae Freshwind Bungalows, Vanuatu