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Vanuatu hosts a wide variety of cultural festivals, musical events, conferences and sporting events throughout the year in addition to many of the tourist attractions across the country. During your time in Vanuatu, you'll perhaps come across some of these events, but we suggest you plan your trip around being able to go to these events. Beyond the capital of Vanuatu, there are some great events that occur all through the country's 83 islands. Below, we've added in a range of events, from horse racing, Fest'Napuan music events, Rowing competitions, The Barista and Salon Culinaire regional cooking contests, to the home of what is commonly known around the World as 'bungy jumping', Nagol on Pentecost Island (April to June), Vanuatu has something for everyone for that take home memorable experience. 

The Lagona Bay Festival

Annual At Gaua Island Vanuatu Unnamed Road, Vanuatu

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Sunday 26th August - Monday 27th August
8:16 - 10:16am

Cost: 1,500VT per person /per night


+678 5916120, 5550529

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Hosted by Chief John Star, Father Levi (local Anglican Minister) and the villages of the Lakona Bay region.  You will be personally welcomed into the community to experience local kastom.  A good yacht anchorage awaits in the shadow of volcano, Mt Garet, where fresh water pours from the black sand at the top of the beach and a raft of adventures await exploration on this amazing island.  This two day celebration includes all meals and kava: Adult 4,000vt, Child (6-15) 2,000VT. Homestay accommodation is available for 15 people.


This is an annual event - two days of celebration on the
beautiful Gaua Island!  Click here for more Information.

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