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Vanuatu hosts a wide variety of cultural festivals, musical events, conferences and sporting events throughout the year in addition to many of the tourist attractions across the country.

From horse racing, Fest'Napuan music events, Rowing competitions, The Barista and Salon Culinaire regional cooking contests, to the home of what is commonly known around the World as 'bungy jumping', Nagol on Pentecost Island (April to June), Vanuatu has something for everyone for that take home memorable experience. 

Maskelyn Canoe Race & Festival Sakao Malekula Island

Events At Maskelyne Vanuatu Unnamed Road, Vanuatu

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Friday 27th July - Saturday 28th July
7:50 - 9:50am

Cost: Price: 4,000 vatu per person (2 days)

Kalo Nathaniel

+678 77783524

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The communities of the Maskelynes Islands host an annual canoe race and cultural festival. Typical program includes a feast of kastom dance, canoe-making, kava tasting, shared local meals, and of course the famous outrigger canoe race, finishing with an 'Island Night' celebration. There is usually plenty of time for pristaine snorkeling and relaxation as well.

Accommodations provided by Malog Bungalows, Batis Seaside Guesthouse, Sanoli Bungalows.

Contact: Kalo  +678 7783524

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