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Vanuatu hosts a wide variety of cultural festivals, musical events, conferences and sporting events throughout the year in addition to many of the tourist attractions across the country.

From horse racing, Fest'Napuan music events, Rowing competitions, The Barista and Salon Culinaire regional cooking contests, to the home of what is commonly known around the World as 'bungy jumping', Nagol on Pentecost Island (April to June), Vanuatu has something for everyone for that take home memorable experience. 

Chief Day

Cultural At Vanuatu Port Vila, Vanuatu

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Tuesday 5th March
4:34 - 6:34pm

Office of the Malvatumauri


In Vanuatu, A Chief is recognized as the uppermost figure in a community. The Vanuatu Council of Chiefs, “Malvatumauri” is the body (representation of every chiefs within Vanuatu) that is recognized by the constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu. The council plays an important role by addressing any issues concerning our kastom and culture to the government. The people of Vanuatu recognize their commitment and prominent roles by celebrating Chiefs Day on the 5th of March annually. Every Islands of Vanuatu has their own ways of celebrating this day featuring native cuisines, traditional singing and dancing, sports competition and many more cultural performances.


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