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Vanuatu hosts a wide variety of cultural festivals, musical events, conferences and sporting events throughout the year in addition to many of the tourist attractions across the country.

From horse racing, Fest'Napuan music events, Rowing competitions, The Barista and Salon Culinaire regional cooking contests, to the home of what is commonly known around the World as 'bungy jumping', Nagol on Pentecost Island (April to June), Vanuatu has something for everyone for that take home memorable experience. 

Colour Fest

Music Festival At Le life Resort Unnamed Road, Vanuatu

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Saturday 26th September - Sunday 27th September
8:00 pm - 12:00pm

Cost: Anywhere from 25AUD to 90AUD. Go to the website to book and get for more information on packages.


+678 5527046 / 7743930


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'Colour Festival' is the first event of its kind in Vanuatu hosted by Le Life Resort. It is inspired by Holi – the Festival of Colours – which is celebrated every spring throughout India and brought to Vanuatu to celebrate human spirit and togetherness. Essentially it is a music festival but with an abundance of colour, showcasing Vanuatu's very own artists all brought together to celebrate the Vanuatu spirit, diversity and happiness. This dance music festival will host a true kaleidoscope of Vanuatu cultures. Source www.vanuatucolourfest.com/

Tel: +678 5527046 / 7743930

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