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Events & Festivals Calendar

Vanuatu hosts a wide variety of events happening throughout the year in addition to many of the tourist attractions across the country. During your time in Vanuatu, you'll perhaps come across some of these events, but we suggest you plan your trip around being able to go to these events. 

From the rich 'kastom' festivals like the Nagol or land diving and Fanla Rom Dance, as well as music events such as the Fest'Napuan, and Fete De La Musique, to Sport events like the Rodeo and Rally races, Volcano Run and the Pacific Trail, Vanuatu has something for everyone for that take home memorable experience.

You also don't want to miss the Mi Tumoro Vanuatu travel show happening in March (Port Vila), and April (Luganville) and take advantage of great offers from all 6 provinces!

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Sandrawing Festival

Cultural At Olal Ambrym Vanuatu Unnamed Road, Olal, Vanuatu

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Thursday 17th November - Friday 18th November
8:00 pm - 8:00pm

Cost: Package price -

Minimum 2 people: @49,500 vatu per person
4 people: @41,000 vatu per person
6 people: + @38,000 vatu per person
Children @ 16,500 vatu per child

See package details in the event description below.


7747001 - Wrecks to Rainforest

Tags: festival , culture , sanddrawing

Sand Drawing 2

The annual Sand drawing Festival takes place at Olal village, north of Ambrym.

It celebrates the art, tradition, and knowledge of Sandroing which is taught and passed on from generations to generations, whereby a custom story is told or sung to the crowd while the finger draws a pattern depicting the main animal or object in the story from start to finish.

It's a festival not to be missed!!   

Total package price includes

Return land transports, return boat transfer, 5 nights village accommodation with all meals, festival entrance fee, agent fee, and VAT.


Sand drawing festival program

Day 1: Thursday 11 November 2021

• Opening: 9:00
• Welcome dance
• Speech Alili Heribert; Fanla school principal
• Pilpilan dance
• Sand drawing demonstration. Fanla student, olal primary student, topol primary and secondary school. Magma primary school.
• Bamboo flute demonstration
• Rom dance childrens.
• Closing


Day 2: Friday 12 November 2021

• Opening: 9:30am
• Children's play
• Rom dance
• Roplar dance
• Pata dance
• Closing 2:00pm


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You can also email Marco on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Community contacts: Chief Sekor +678 5907659 and Chief Ruben +678 5991621

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