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Vanuatu hosts a wide variety of cultural festivals, musical events, conferences and sporting events throughout the year in addition to many of the tourist attractions across the country.

From horse racing, Fest'Napuan music events, Rowing competitions, The Barista and Salon Culinaire regional cooking contests, to the home of what is commonly known around the World as 'bungy jumping', Nagol on Pentecost Island (April to June), Vanuatu has something for everyone for that take home memorable experience. 


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Monday 25th December
3:26 - 5:26pm

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Christmas in Vanuatu must be experienced at least once in life and although the different conditions may feel a little strange to those used to celebrating in cooler climates, the unique mid-summer Christmas experience in Vanuatu means swapping a yuletide baked ham or roast turkey for fresh seafood, cold meat and salads. Perhaps one of the best things about celebrating Christmas in Vanuatu is the ability to join in the festivities any way you like. Whether you enjoy a low-key beach picnic of fresh seafood, cold meats and salads while the kids frolic about in the water, go right ahead. If you want to go the whole hog and have an all-out European luncheon complete with bonbons, paper crowns, roast meat, veggies, gravy and all the trimmings, well you can go right ahead and do that too.

Unsurprisingly, as some of the friendliest people in the world, the people of Vanuatu are just happy to celebrate with you. Visit Vanuatu anytime of the year with a customisedholiday package.

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