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Liumorous Water Music


Phone: +678 36617


Hours: Paul

Liumorous Water Music Group is one of only two groups on Gaua who currently practice this authentic art. Water Music, with the splashing sounds of water and clapping of hands, is unique and can only be found on Gaua Island. Let these astounding sounds take you on an enchanted journey through a time forgotten but not lost. Warning: the rhythmic sound of the water splashing makes you want to dance!


Paul Lazarus is your tour guide and the duration is between 30 – 45 minutes. The tour begins with a kastom dance performance by the women on the black sandy beach of Losalava Harbour down to the sea where the main show will occur.

The Water Music show begins with a welcome song sung in the mother tongue of Gaua followed by 8 different water displays. The ladies stop in throughout the show to give Paul time to explain the meanings of the displays. Female guests are welcome to join the women in the water and learn how to create Water Music as part of the experience. Refreshments of fresh coconuts and tropical fruit are included.

Map & Directions