Port Vila Cruise - Port of Call
Vila city highlights

Approx. 2 hours
The Capital City of Port Vila being the main Business Centre for Vanuatu is regarded as one of most beautiful city in the Pacific with a magnificent Habour, stunning beaches and amazing Inland lagoons providing investment opportunities for Tourism Development. Port Vila have grown into a Business Centre with modern infrastructures, qualified and professionals Human Resources from overseas and locally groomed and trained personnel to maintain high-level business and social development.
Ultimate Vila Discovery
Take a tour that allows you to experience the length and breadth of Port Vila from Pango Point to Mele Bay, starting with a visit to the National Museum. Discover Vanuatu’s geology, history, rich culture and customs. The tour then continues to the Nicholai Michoutouchkine and Aloi Pilioko Foundation. Located within a privately owned tropical garden, this artwork collection consists of various mediums, memorabilia, ornate carvings and masks. The day concludes with a visit to The Secret Garden. See amazingly beautiful flora and fauna, photo displays, and thatched huts from all parts of Vanuatu – including a cannibal’s house!

Ekasup Cultural village

Visit Ekasup Village; awarded Vanuatu’s best tourist attraction for the past two years. Here, Ekasup Villagers in traditional dress will provide an insight into the magical and mysterious world of Ancient Melanesia. Set amidst an established, lush rainforest; take short distance walks between the various staging areas, with optional seating. Experience the ancient culture and customs of Melanesia with an introduction to custom medicine (traditional remedies derived from herbs, roots, barks and leaves) and trapping of game. A village with no electricity learn how the villagers preserve or prepare their food on a daily basis. Hear tales of cannibalism from the not-so-distant past, watch a performance by the Futuna youths and view a weaving demonstration of both decorative and practical baskets, mats and hats

The secret garden outdoor cultural centre

Arriving at the gardens, a specialist guide will introduce the highlights of this tropical treasure trove. Amidst the lush trees, variety of palms, fruit trees, colourful shrubs, vegetable crops, medicinal plants and cascading vines, find aviaries of local birdlife, safely housed snakes and lizards and a pre-historic looking coconut crab. Read amazing true stories, see some of the strange customs of old including real historical photos and information. Explore a cannibal house. View an interesting collection of WWII photos and artefacts, explore a real chief’s area and see how kava is prepared in the traditional manner.

Round island safari

Discover the island of Efate, starting with a short walk through the lush rainforest to Iarofa Village to meet a traditional Melanesian warrior. Hear a local guide provide an informative commentary about the traditional customs and traditional village way of life. Witness the time-honoured art of fire walking and learn of the tradition, the sacrifices and preparation men undertake prior to this ritual. Morning tea will be served here. Next stop is the refreshing natural swimming hole at Eden on the River. For those that don't want to have a quick dip, you can wander around the luscious tropical gardens. Visit idyllic Secret Beach which allows simply stretching your legs, take a photo and a quick 15 – 20 minute refreshing swim. Journey on, passing more contemporary villages and catch glimpses of modern village life. Pass by the remnants of the "American forces" involvement in Vanuatu during World War II before arriving at a rustic local restaurant for a freshly packed lunch. Following lunch, continue along picturesque Havana Harbour to the beach used during the filming of “Survivor Vanuatu”. On the way back to Port Vila pass Klems Hill Lookout, which provides a superb view over Mele Bay, Hideaway Island and the township in the distance?
Rainforest & Plantation Horse Riding

Buggy off Road Adventure

Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes (50 minutes of Buggy driving).
Discover an alternative view of Port Vila travelling along the off-road tracks of Tagabe by customised, open-air buggy. After a safety briefing, buckle up and follow the guide through the bush and farmland area of Tagabe. Travel along the scenic unpaved trails and see some of the natural untouched part of the island that not many people see. At the half way mark enjoy a quick break, before changing drivers (if required) and returning back to the depot.