Vanuatu is full of hidden gems from stunning natural beauty to colourful cultures and rich histories foretold in our custom stories, and could even be drawn on sand. Cruising onboard a P & O cruise ship can be your choice of getting here, to experience more of our enchanting locales, our vibrant cultures across 5 stop points Port Vila, Luganville, Mystery Island, Champaign Beach, and Pangi. In between ports, you can watch dolphins play alongside your ship, and capture stunning sunsets over the archipelago from your private balcony.

Vanuatu also boasts one of the most active cruise ship industries in the South Pacific. In 2008, the total arrivals by cruise ship (106 138) outnumbered total arrivals by air (90 657). Owing to the average length of stay of just one day, cruise shipping however equates for around 10% of total visitor spend (TRIP Consultants 2008).

Repeat visitation to Vanuatu is currently high, and Port Vila, the capital city consistently ranks amongts the highest (for visitor satisfaction) for all ports amongst P&O cruise ship passengers. One of Port Vila's main strenghts as a cruise destination is the variety of tours and activities on offer.

Large cruise ships also visit many other ports of call within Vanuatu, including Mystery Island ( Aneityum), Pangi (Pentecost), Champagne Beach (Santo) as well as Luganville (Santo).