COVID-19 TRAVEL ADVISORY for Vanuatu #8, issued 20 March 2020: all ports of entry closed until further notice.

Here is where we are at in regards to activities leading up to June when registration closes:

• Received to date 5 buyer applications from Korea, Australia, Denmark and New Caledonia (Tripadvisor, SPTO korea, Touramex, Innquest Australia and Jysk Rejsebureau)

• Reviewing pre famil itineraries for Santo and Malekula and drafting Tanna's itinerary.

• FOC room inventory for bookings between the 29th - 31st August has reached 30, we need another 20 rooms for our buyers.
• Reviewing all seller registration via marketing levy, accreditation program and tourism permits. We have recieved 22 sellers so far and counting.

• Seeking FOC flights for Buyers only for VILA/SANTO/TANNA/MALEKULA

• TokTok Sponsorship secured with ANZ, Air Vanuatu, Warwick, Digicel, Azure, What to Do and counting. Next Sponsorship update in July.

What to expect in July after registration closes:

• Participants receive their login details: Friday 6 July at 19.00 Port Vila Time
• Participants can start scheduling meetings: Friday 6 July at 19.00 Port Vila Time (as soon as they log-in)
• Participants can no longer schedule meetings: Wednesday 17 August at 19.00 Port Vila time
• August Toktok village set up including TokTok booth secretariat (Warwick): Monday 20 - Friday 24 August
• Name tags issued to sellers and booth setup at TokTok village (Warwick): Monday 27 August
• Outer island Pre famils (Buyers): Monday 27- Wednesday 29 August
• Consumer day (Sellers meet with domestic market): Wednesday 29 August
• Opening ceremony, meeting schedules, site inspections and gala dinner (Buyers and Sellers): Thursday 30th - Friday 31st August

We'll keep you posted on updates as we progress over the months leading up to Tok Tok. If you need further info please do not hesitate to contact the Marketing Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Event Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..