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4 April 2019
The 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan, launched today by Vanuatu’s Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. Bob Weibur Loughman, is the blueprint for the growth of Vanuatu’s tourism economy.
The Deputy Prime Minister also announced an additional Vt200 million commitment by the Vanuatu Government towards the implement of the plan in his speech at today’s launch.
The 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan will be used to guide the Vanuatu Tourism Office (VTO)’s strategic decision-making and its resource allocation for the marketing of Vanuatu in key overseas tourism markets over the next ten years.
The VTO has worked extensively with tourism industry stakeholders and the VTO Board to create the 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan, which takes into account both research data and industry feedback to prepare the road forward for the future of tourism in Vanuatu.
The 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan sets a target of 300,000 holiday visitors by 2030, equivalent to sustainable visitor growth of 10-12% year-on-year across a range of source markets including Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, China, Europe, and North America.
The key goal of 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan is the expansion of visitor numbers from the three core markets of Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia through the growth of new market segments, such as romance and meetings and incentives in each marketplace.

In addition, the other key goals of the Plan are to:

  • Increase visitation and dispersal of visitors beyond Efate by developing new market segments such as ‘Adventure Seekers’ to improve visitor dispersal to outer islands, with a target of 30% of total visitors moving beyond Efate during their stay;
  • Increase numbers from non-core markets to grow volume and to flatten out seasonal fluctuations in tourist numbers;
  • Create sustainable tourism business opportunities for all;
  • Increase profitability of other business sectors that are beneficiaries of tourism—such as retail, agriculture, and handicrafts; and
  • Increase local employment opportunities in the tourism sector.

The 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan contains six action areas:

  1. The path forward to reaching the target of 300,000 annual holiday visitors by 2030;
  2. Providing the financial and human resources required to make the 300,000 visitor target a reality, plus the ability to modify course as needed to stay on target;
  3. The key performance indicators and targets for the period 2019-2030;
  4. The key enabling programs to support tourism growth, development and marketing;
  5. The market strategies, targets and budgets for each source market; and
  6. A mechanism for governance, measurement, and adjustment. 
The 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan will be implemented through collaboration with industry partners, as VTO’s Chief Executive Officer Adela Issachar Aru emphasises:
“This Plan, together with the 2030 Shared Vision for Aviation and Tourism and the 2030 Sustainable Tourism Policy, sets a clear direction for Vanuatu’s tourism economy and the roles the various agencies play in delivering on that direction”.
“We are committed and excited to be working with our partners Air Vanuatu and Airports Vanuatu Limited on the implementation of this plan and seek your support in doing so for the benefit of Vanuatu and its people”.
“VTO would like to take this opportunity to also acknowledge the crucial support provided by our donor partners Australia, New Zealand and the International Finance Corporation, and we look forward to working with you to implement the 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan”.
“It is important to also reiterate that tourism is not just about economic gain. Tourism is also about sharing our culture, our kastom and our environment with our visitors. It is crucial that these unique features are at the forefront of any visitor experience. The image that Vanuatu presents to the world through its tourism marketing will proudly share these messages as we ask visitors to ‘Answer the Call of Vanuatu’”.
“Please be assured the Vanuatu Tourism Office will work tirelessly toward the implementation of this plan”, adds CEO Aru.
The full 2030 Vanuatu Tourism Market Development Plan is available for download by clicking here.