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The reaction so far from industry and consumers alike has been very positive since the launch of VTO's new destination brand, Answer the Call of Vanuatu, on August 23.

Industry reception

Andy Reid, Product Manager for Flight Centre Australia gave this assessment:
“I thought the whole campaign was incredible. I was impressed by the video, I emotionally connected with the characters, scenery and the sense of adventure. I could envision myself taking part in the journey. I believe this campaign and new branding will help drive the destination and invite all travellers to answer the call. I definitely want to continue to work with your team and building on the success of the last 12 months."

Fusion Holidays’ Jenny Price is also a fan:
“The tag line is Excellent, short and catchy but still relevant. The campaign as a whole is exciting, fun and emotive. Loved the connecting the family again concept. Toolkit is amazing. My perception of what it will do for Vanuatu is that it will educate the consumer that Vanuatu offers so much more than Port Vila flop-and-drop style holiday. Activities, adventure and memories. Based on the new branding, we would absolutely want to work with VTO to take the campaign forward”

Online visibility

We’ve also seen a marked increase in engagement and visitation on VTO’s own digital marketing channels, a strong sign that consumers are “Answering the Call” of Vanuatu. Some 491,000 people had had a look at our new brand material in the first month alone, and 104,000 watched our 60 and 30-second brand videos as well– a very high engagement rate of 21%.

We’ve also been running a campaign of paid ads on Facebook and Instagram in all major markets, and this has resulted in 1.5M impressions, and 131,728 engagements, giving us a very healthy engagement rate of 8.8%.

Since launch, impressions on our social channels have grown by 86%, and our engagement rate is up by 59%. Traffic to the VTO website is also up 52% since launch.

We’ve also been running a promotion on popular local Facebook page and group Living in Vanuatu to both promote local awareness of the new brand, and to prompt the people how know Vanuatu best to come up with their own ‘Vanuatu Moments’ for use in our marketing.

Brand execution in major markets

Our market reps will be providing industry with more specifics shortly, but suffice to say, the new Answer the Call brand creative is already hard at work.


In NZ, as part of a video campaign that includes on-demand TV, NZ Herald, Facebook ads, and ads on stuff.co.nz, we negotiated for our 60 second brand commercial to run during a national nightly news bulletin. The campaign is running concurrently with a retail shopping mall digital video activation. Our trade partners House of Travel and Our Pacific also have campaigns running with the new creative on their websites and on Facebook.

In Australia, to launch the new brand, we placed TVCs on Nine (targeting evening viewers), outdoor advertising on buses and trams in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and Spotify ads to targeted audiences, plus print advertorial in Traveller, a large scale digital and social buys and a series of content partnerships.

brandexec aus2 brandexec aus

An October campaign designed to drive conversions is showcasing “Vanuatu moments now on sale” to keep consumer awareness of Vanuatu high ahead of a large-scale campaign in January 2020. These campaigns will feature a mixture of content and consumer tacticals, trade partnerships and ‘always on’ digital marketing.

brandexec busaus


For the New Caledonia market, we are currently in the process of translating the Answer the Call campaign into French ready for launch at the end of October. Industry interest in the new brand is already high, and we’ve already seen a marked jump in consumer interest from this market on our digital marketing channels since the brand launch.

How industry can help

Start creating your own #VanuatuMoments! Visit the brand page on our website https://www.vanuatu.travel/answerthecall to see our brand toolkit. We're already seeing some great use of the brand by our industry, but we'd love to see more! If you are a tourism business, please promote your own moments on your website and social media accounts to help visitors answer the call of Vanuatu.

Brand assets

For the first time ever, we have commissioned a dedicated digital asset management system. We are currently migrating all of our marketing assets to this new system and we'll let industry know when this is complete. In the meantime, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need something that you can't find on our brand page.