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The Vanuatu Tourism Office Reconnects with the New Caledonian Market

 media release nc 1[From left to right: Aurelie Skrzyniak (VTO NC Market Rep), Cecile Szemmelveisz (VTO NC Trade Market Rep), Dominique Garrigou (TUP Managing Director), Adela Issachar Aru (VTO CEO) and Paul Pio (VTO Short-Haul Markets Manager) at TUP Headquarter in Noumea, New Caledonia]

Monday, 13th February 2023 , Port-Vila, Vanuatu

Appointment of VTO’s Market Representatives in New Caledonia

Last week began with the official appointment of Trait D’Union Pacifique (TUP) as the Vanuatu Tourism Office’s newest market representative in New Caledonia. Cécile Szemmelveisz, in charge of trade marketing and Aurélie Skrzyniak in charge of marketing and communication, joined the Vanuatu delegation to reconnect with various New Caledonian market partners including wholesalers, travel agencies and other trade partners. 

A week of Exchanges and Sharing

media release nc 2[The Vanuatu Tourism Delegation meeting with Eden and Unitours, one of New Caledonia’s largest tourism wholesalers]

It was also an opportunity for the Vanuatu Tourism Office to exchange with airlines, tour operators, travel agents and the Government of New Caledonia to update on the tourism recovery progress in Vanuatu. 

New Caledonia is the third largest inbound tourism market to Vanuatu, behind Australia and New Zealand. Pre-Covid, the New Caledonian tourism market represent over VUV1 billion total tourism receipts to Vanuatu. Based on the 2019 International Visitor Survey (IVS), 14,688 visitors traveled to Vanuatu and spend an average of USD$ 817 per trip. 

Following the reopening of its borders in July 2022, Vanuatu has been facing a number of challenges which include the reliability of the aviation connectivity (both domestically and internationally), the inconsistent level of readiness of various accommodation providers and facilities, the shortage of skillful workforce who migrated to Australia and New Zealand under the regional seasonal work programs and the re-establishment of a number of available tours activities. 

Trade partners in New Caledonia were able to share their sentiments and the expectations from the New Caledonian consumers, who are very fond of Vanuatu as a destination, in terms of accommodation, activities, air connections as well as short- and medium-term development prospects. 

The New Caledonian market has a very strong potential for Vanuatu and many promotions, commercial relations and communications actions are planned for 2023.  

A number of niche tourism markets have also been identified such as school groups, diving enthusiasts, trekkers or trail runners, to name a few.

 Joining Forces to Promote Vanuatu and New Caledonia Tourism and other areas of development

media release nc 3[From left to right: Aurelie Skrzyniak (VTO NC Market Rep), Paul Pio (VTO Short-Haul Markets Manager), Cecile Szemmelveisz (VTO NC Trade Market Rep), Adela Issachar Aru (VTO CEO) and the Phillipe Artigue (NC Tourism Marketing and PR Manager]

The Vanuatu Tourism delegation also had the opportunity to share with the Honorable Mickael Forrest, New Caledonian Minister in charge of international tourism promotion, as part of the joint declaration signed by the Vanuatu and New Caledonian governments to intensify cooperation actions between the two countries in November, 2022.
The objective for NCTPS (New Caledonia Tourism) and VTO is to develop their tourism industries by selling New Caledonia and Vanuatu as a coupled destination in the Pacific to long-haul markets such as Europe and Asia.
A press conference was hosted by the New Caledonian Government on Friday, 10th February 2023 by Hon. Minister Mickael Forrest, with Adela Issachar Aru, Paul Pio, Serge Mahe Consul General of the Republic of Vanuatu and Philippe Artigues, Marketing and PR Manager of New Caledonia Tourism to present and establish the framework of the new partnership while exploring new initiatives for international tourism development.

media release nc 4[From left to right: Aurelie Skrzyniak (VTO NC Market Rep), Emelie Katrawi (NC Government), Cecile Szemmelveisz (VTO NC Trade Market Rep), Hon. Mickael Forrest (NC Tourism Minister and Chairman of NC Tourism Office), Adela Issachar Aru (VTO CEO) and Paul Pio (VTO Short-Haul Markets Manager) and the Vanuatu Consul General, Serge Alain Mahe at the joint-press conference on 10 Feb. 2023 in Noumea]